BB Glow

BB Glow

The BB glow treatment is a semi-permanent makeup and non-surgical procedure that uses a highly effective tinted pigments. The pigment is applied using a microneedle to penetrate the skin, it adds nutrients as well as desired colour which produces natural collagen.

Microblading -Eyebrows

Microblading treatment is a specialized process that involves implanting pigment into your skin’s superficial layers to resemble eyebrow hair. This treatment is ideal for people who have experienced some hair loss and wish to restore the appearance of very natural-looking eyebrows

Lip Colouring

Similar to the brows, we  also treats your lips with tattoo shading for a long-lasting lipstick-like effect. Lip Blush also aids your lips in achieving a definite silhouette with a suitable shade.
Depending on your aftercare, the lip color can be retained. The overall shape, density, and contour make a vast difference to your facial structure.

Powder Brows

Powder brows is a cosmetic semi permanent makeup technique designed to create eyebrows with soft powder effect, very similar to powder makeup. Powder effect is done with a shading technique using a permanent makeup device
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