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Looking for some serious hair goals? You’re in the right place! Here is the ultimate guide to all things about your hair

Excess fat deposits can affect our healthy lives. Apart from health hazards, they reduce self esteem. One of the best ways involve taking advantage of body sculpting treatments

Hair, where you don’t want it, is a very personal problem. For people who are tired of shaving, waxing, and tweezing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal is the best option.

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Zoori Cosmeceuticals primarily a name derived from the Swahili origin which means “Beautiful”. Coined for a beauty of a person who is rich, decadent, natural and grounded in ancestral knowledge and generational wealth. Through centuries of remedies, stories and healing archetypes, the ingredients that are used to create Zoori Cosmeceuticals products are raw a molded from the royalty of the earth.

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“ This is one of the good clinic for skin and hair in downside of Mumbai. Good to get yourself consulted with the doctors for your concerns, their consultation fees are reasonable. Had gone through dandruff treatment here, and trust me it really worked very well for me. Very friendly and helpful staff too. Much recommended!”
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“Visited the clinic for the first time. Amazing service from the start reception to the end. Reception team was very helpful in explaining in detail and were helpful. This is first session i went through so cant write anything about the results. Would definitely write one once the treatment is done. Thanks everyone ”
“Very nice treatment. I was facing facial acne problem since last 10-15 yrs. There is lot of improvement in my facial acne now in just 2 months. Very good doctor and proper guidance. Will surely recommend”
“Had a wonderful experience, visited for my uneven skin tone and dark undereyes. So happy with the treatment with visible results. Would love to visit again. Lovely staff, would always recommend Zoori Clinic.😊😊”

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Marina JonatteCustomer
Harikrishna keeluCustomer
Sneha JadhavCustomer
Pooja KamathCustomer
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